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With rising health care costs it is important to keep your employeees healthy. Poor health impacts workplace productivity and effectivity.

The total cost of obesity in the U.S. is $13 billion per year. Sixty percent of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. Overweight or obese employees are more likely to develop a variety of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and cancer. As a result these employees spend 36% more on health care and spend 77% more on medications.


Year-round comprehensive corporate wellness programs have shown savings-to-cost ratios of greater than $3 saved for each $1 invested. Documented savings are observed in medical costs, absenteeism, worker’s compensation costs, short-term disability, and increased productivity.


We understand the importance of the bottom line to a business. We have the experience to work within your budget constraints to make sure you have an effective and sustainable wellness program.

We have the experience to help you achieve program success.
We help you to . . .
plan a program that will address your needs and goals while meeting your budget.
design your program by guiding you in selecting actiities and creating your activity plan
launch your program which includes performing the activities and determining the appropriate incentives to make your programs a success
assess your program results assuring you are getting a return on investment (ROI)
Contact us for more information on how to make your wellness program a success.
Wellness programs are an investment in your most valuable assets, your employees. Corporate wellness programs reduce health care cost, reduce employee stress, increase employee job satisfaction, increase employee morale, and aid in employee recruitment and retention.


We believe your organization must take responsibiity and accountability for your own wellness program. You should not sit on the side line and watch someone else run your wellness program.


You should recruit an energetic team of health / fitness coordinators from within your organization to lead your program. We coach your team and provide them with the skills and understanding to successfully execute your program.




Whether you are developing a new wellness program or enhancing an existing program there are a variety of practices you can adopt to ensure your success.



Establish activities to combine eduction with physical activities for your entire workforce population (e.g. creating a par course, developing walking trails, setting up an on-site fitness center).



Provide activities to increase health / fitness awareness and the requiste knowledge for behavior change.


We can provide . . .



personal training

healthy lifestyle training

group exercise classes


Behavior Modification

Teach behavioral management skills and provide a social structure for support (e.g. weight loss competitions).