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What exactly does being physically active mean? What is the difference between physical activity and exercise? Are you physically active enough to be considered healthy? There is plenty of information about physical activity but sorting through it and deciphering what is effective can be a challenge. With lifestyle coaching you gain knowledge and take charge of your health.
Our personal training is just that . . . personal.
Train in the comfort of your own home with
We deliver exercise prescriptions to you based on your goals, physical condition, and motivational level.
You can work along side of us in regular sessions or we can document and teach you to perform a program on your own.
We understand some clients only need professional advice on how to enhance and progress their program. These clients provide the self-motivation and we provide the program meeting with them periodically to keep them on track.
Once you become a client we will track your progress with a .
personalized workbook
Certified personal trainers are qualified to train only healthy adults. More than 50% of personal training clients have special medical needs (e.g. obesity, diabetes, arthritis).
We are American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health Fitness Specialists. This uniquely qualifies us to work with clients with special medical needs under their physician's supervision.
We provide a well balanced program to give you the right exercises, right intensity, right duration and right timing.
We will help you set realistic goals, determine safe strategies and provide the support you need to succeed.



One-on-One Training

Get the health/fitness advantage you need with a customized program designed just for you.


"Buddy" Training

Grab a friend and split the cost while still enjoying the same benefits on One-on-One Training.


Small Group Training

Working out with friends, relatives, or co-workers is great way to stay motivated and attain your personal fitness goals. Small group training makes fitness affordable and fun.


No matter which personal training option you select our rates are the same.


For more information contact us.