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 We are dedicated to bringing you fitness education and training based on the latest health and physical activity research.


Our Philosophy


If you want to live an active and productive life in your twilight years you must lead an active life now. Your body needs routine exercise to heal itself. Your body needs adequate nutrition to provide the building blocks for healing. You need to think positively about every moment of this wonderful gift of life.


Proper diet, routine exercise and a positive mental attitude are the key elements for success.


Shut off the television, leave the car in the driveway and go for a walk. Better still, contact us. We will help you make the changes to your current lifestyle that will help to insure your continuing health and well being in the future.

Our Company

WAEdwards is a Limited Liability Company based and licensed in Modesto, California. We were established in 2002.




Prior to starting our fitness business we dedicated ourselves to learning about and living a healthy lifestyle. Now we are dedicated to helping others realize their fitness goals and passing on over 50 years of collective knowledge and experience.


 We are credentialed and committed to education